Everyone is giving their two cents about the iPhone 3GS.  I’m excited to see that Apple is releasing a faster phone that still feels like the first generation iPhone.  Developers are used to a specific screen size for instance.  Drastically changing the environment will create the discord other cell phone manufacturers feel when it comes to 3rd party applications.

I do suspect, however, that next year will bring drastic change to the iPhone.  Apple is still getting to where they really wanted the 1st generation iPhone to be.  They realized that its easy to make their own hardware and software, but its hard when dealing with so many third parties.  Cell phone carriers like AT&T stand in the way of real progress.  Why doesn’t Apple follow suit with Virgin and create their own private label cell phone company?  I suspect that would give them a lot more flexibility in pricing and give them the ability to put whatever carrier they want behind the name.

Overall, I am happy with AT&T at the moment.  I am pissed to hear MMS and tethering won’t be available this coming week for the iPhone 3.0 launch.  I refuse to pay any more money for something that I can get for free by putting my SIM card into an OLDER phone.  Silly AT&T, you’re the death of the iPhone in the US.