I’ve been using Octopress for over year and I really enjoyed it.  You have to love the command line, understand Git, and know your stuff when something breaks.  Oh, and it will break.  A lot.  But when you fix it, you get that satisfaction that you’re a geek and you got it.

I was kind of done with the shit breaking.  (That and I got a job with Automattic)

So now I’m back to WordPress.  Luckily I had kept my WordPress site around that I migrated from to Octopress.  I found that Octopress, because it was a simple type and post software, made me blog a lot less. A LOT less.  That benefited me because I was able to copy and paste the 12 or so blogs I made into WordPress.  I made sure the titles were the same, the date published matched, and I copied the tags.  I had to install a GitHub Gist plugin because I used a lot of Gists in my posts now.  I also had to manually upload images from my posts into the blog.

I had to modify the default permalink setup to match Octopress’ way of doing things to keep search engines from breaking.  Then I installed the official Disqus plugin and synced in all of my blog comments into WordPress and then shut off Disqus.

Custom permalink: /blog/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/

I’m really happy to be back.  Ping me if you have questions about how I did the migration!