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Manual note-taking epiphany

I’ve never been able to put in words the reason why I am attached to using written notes over my iPad until today.

I was sitting in a talk today by Rob Martin when I had an epiphany. When I’m holding my opened notebook, the crisp clean chunky feel of unused pages on the right feels like raw potential. The pages on the left, roughened from notes written on them, feels like accomplishment.

And now I realize why I am inspired to write and record more on my paper Moleskine notebook than in Evernote on my iPad.


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  1. Totally agree. Plus, I just like my handwriting.

  2. Joe R.

    …as opposed to blank screens can feel like staring into the gaping void, right?

    I generally prefer paper note taking as well but for me, it’s that typing notes is just too linear and sequential. Start at the top, work your way down.

    On paper, it’s free-form – text, arrows, circles, boxes, sketches (badly drawn) all over the page. Chaotic but you can always organize it later if and when you review the notes.

  3. Joe R.

    (oops, “blank screens *which* can feel”)

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