Nerds are notorious for being the most disinterested in staying fit – well at least our stereotype.  I’ve definitely yo-yoed in weight over the years, being at my best weight about three years ago.  Job and other life changes got me distracted and I ended up 40lb heavier in a relatively short amount of time.

When I started working at home, I decided change was in order to make me a bit more aware of myself.  I ended up getting a standing desk and a really great Herman Miller chair as part of my office setup when I started at Automattic.  Standing throughout the day, and sitting at strategic points of fatigue and after exercise, has made a significant difference in my attention levels and I believe my overall health.

I also exercise at home fairly often.  I bought a stepper platform from Amazon – the ones used in gyms/clubs – and I do mostly step aerobics over my “lunch” time.  I shoot for 3 times a week and four if I’m feeling frisky.  Since coming off my ADD meds I find that exercise realigns my focus for the day.  I also put yoga into my routine although my goal at the moment is to drop weight so that yoga is easier.  😀

I’m definitely into metrics being a geek.  I wear a Nike Fuelband SE to track general movements, use a Withings WiFi scale to record weight daily, and record calories using MyFitnessPal.  I’m not looking for a highly accurate measure out of any of these devices but they do provide the barometer reading of my activity levels, general level of success, and help with planning the next step.  Since Fall 2013 I’ve been able to drop 30lb!

I’m seriously looking forward to spring/summer so that my partner and I can get out with our bicycles!