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Xcode Presentation Mode

Giving a presentation with Xcode on screen? Don’t forget about Presentation mode in Fonts & Colors!



It doesn’t help with the text size in the navigator but at least everyone will see your code nice and clear!


Checking in CocoaPods files


My Desk Setup


  1. Presentation mode is great in most circumstances but it may make sense to fine tune it (perhaps by duplicating Presentation) and make it slightly smaller depending upon size of audience, venue, projection size, etc.

    I was at a recent conference where at times the code was _harder_ to read in Presentation mode due to the wordiness of Cocoa/Obj-C. Too much line wrapping, not enough code on screen, etc.

  2. Aaron

    Very good point Joe – it really depends on the setup at the place you’re presenting. I tend to put static code slides in my presentation and format them to look like you’re seeing them in an IDE or in Vi. It’s not as interactive but people get the drift and you aren’t chancing the demo gods. You can still have a demo with Xcode to show it all together.

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