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Nerdy Fitness Progress

I posted a while back about what I’ve been doing to lose weight.


I was my heaviest last year around September 2013 at 277lb (125kg).  I started on my ADD meds around October and stopped taking a medication for my cluster headaches that was causing weight gain as well.  You can see the drop but then around end of January I came off the meds.  The weight hopped back up for a bit but I dug deep and kept my exercise a bit more regular.  So far I’m down 40lb!  I don’t really have any goal in mind other than to reach at least 235lb which the lightest I’ve been for the past five years.

This summer I’ve been able to get on my bicycle and ride with my partner around our campground and neighborhood.  He’s been getting more active as well which is great!  Having the Nike Fuelband and Withings Scale has been great at tracking my progress and keeping me motivated.  I also use RunKeeper still to track my workouts which feeds calories burned into MyFitnessPal.  I’m also pretty consistently doing step aerobics at home during the week using Jenny Ford’s awesome videos.  I recommend taking a look at her work on YouTube and then buying a video or two if you like them. 🙂

On occasion I’ve been taking a picture of myself with Photo Booth on my Mac to track visual progress of my success.


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  1. Amazing job man!!!!!

  2. Wow!! Way to stick to it…congrats!

  3. Nice job! Especially notable during a long Wisconsin winter — having to stay inside so much doesn’t really do us any favors!

    (Also going to take a serious look at the Withings scale too.)

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