I met some fellow coworkers at Hudson Business Lounge downtown Milwaukee today on a $25 day pass.  I’ve been a member in the past but haven’t been there in over a year.  I sat down and realized that the four of us wouldn’t fit at the table because of that awkward power outlet under the one chair.  I decided to move the table so that it was centered between the chairs.

This is when it all went wrong.

As I started to push on the end on the right pictured above, I realized quickly that physics (as I knew it) wasn’t working right.  Instead of the table top moving parallel to the floor, it started to nose dive forward.  Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my shin and saw my Kleen Kanteen coffee cup rocket off the table and onto the floor.  The two MacBook Pros looked at me in horror as they gripped on for dear life with the 34 cent rubber pads under them.

Thankfully the MacBook Pros stayed put and only one got kissed with a splash of coffee + soy milk.

That’s about when I realized the table top wasn’t actually affixed TO ITS LEGS.

Table modified

Coincidentally this meshes well wish my previous post about not assuming things were done correctly in the past.  Just because something looks like it works right doesn’t mean it actually does.

The best part is the guy working front desk told me to not feel bad, it’s happened before.