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My Reaction to Tim Cook’s Coming Out

It’s definitely not any surprise to me that Tim Cook is gay.  When he became CEO of Apple and after Steve Jobs’ death it was talked about.  I was surprised for a brief moment upon that initial discovery but was happy to see Apple embracing diversity at all levels.

Today Tim Cook came out publicly as gay in hopes to inspire others to be themselves and accept others too.

What I’m really surprised and delighted to see are the reactions from other developers in the Apple/Mac/iOS community:

I’m again reminded that I’ve chosen a career path in a community that accepts me and others for who they are.  From the days of attending my first iOS/Mac Developer conference, SecondConf, I realized that people were different in this community.  I’m proud to say I’m gay as well and happy to know that my peeps have my back.

Thanks, Tim!


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  1. Well said, and I’m proud to be a part of the same accepting community. I hope to see the day when a public figure coming out as gay isn’t newsworthy and just accepted as a different form of normal as it should be.

  2. Scott Carlson

    I’m not a part of the Apple community, other than having a work Mac (How the heck do you people like this crazy thing! Stop screwing with my keyboard!)

    I agree with Dan. I didn’t know you were gay when we worked together, and it wouldn’t have made a difference. I wonder now if you held back talking about your life, while the rest of us small talked about our families. I’m disappointed if you felt you had to hold back.

    Take care

    • Aaron Douglas

      Hey Scott! Being a consultant sucked sometimes because it was hard to let my guard down on matters beyond just being gay. I’ve grown to realize I was being overly cautious. Working with a bunch of dudes is sometimes intimidating and I’ve realized that most people that would have a problem realize it isn’t.

      I do regret not small-talking more about personal stuff looking back!

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