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The Best Apology Letter Ever

I got this from Cards Against Humanity today – they accidentally messed up my order and had to apologize in their own style.

Dear valued Cards Against Humanity customer,

We fucked up.

Your order is on its way, but we had a warehousing issue. If you ordered a 2014 Holiday Pack, you’ll receive a Science Pack. If you ordered a Science Pack, you’ll receive a 2014 Holiday Pack. Oops!

We’re really sorry about this, but we’re going to make it right and send you what you actually ordered within the next week. Feel free to keep the extra pack, or gift it to a crappy friend. We understand if you’ve completely lost all faith in us.

Sorry again,

– Jenn and the Cards Against Humanity team



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  1. Sounds like

    Product came in black or white. Dude ordered black, got white. Complained. Customer service sent him a Sharpie.


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