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iOS 9 Good Morning & Afternoon Weirdness

I had a user write in to get some help clarifying a behavior with the Migraine Diary app I wrote on iOS 9.

The user explained that every morning she turns on her phone and Migraine Diary shows on the screen and when she opens it, it tells her Good Morning. The little icon sounded like Continuation or App Suggestions neither of which Migraine Diary supports. I asked for a screenshot and got this:


Sure enough, there’s the app at the bottom of the screen. I’ve asked them for a screenshot of the Good Morning screen but still haven’t gotten an answer back. I did some digging and found this thread on Reddit that shows what I think the user is seeing:


Has anyone else seen this? Anybody know what the heck it is? Time to file a Radar?



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  1. Peter

    I have exactly the same issue with another app I have. It’s called “bmotic” and I am using it for home automation. I can send you screnshots of both – the locked home screen and the bar that shows at the bottom of the screen in the app switcher (it is not the same as on your second photo – it appears at the bottom and not centrally).
    My app has not been updated for more than a year and I am guessing it is a development issue. Anyway it should be a bug in the iOS as well since this is not a normal behavior and I want to get rid of it.
    Would be very pleased if you find a solution and send feedback.

    • Aaron Douglas

      I still can’t find documentation anywhere about this feature in iOS! If you want to send me screenshots, email me at astralbodies at gmail :). Thanks!

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