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CBS to launch Star Trek series in 2017 for a fee

CBS announced today that a totally new Star Trek series is being planned for launch in 2017.

The most interesting part of the news release is that you’ll have to buy CBS’ streaming service for $5.99/month to gain access to it. It’s a bold move for CBS to go to a subscription-only model for a traditionally broadcast-only TV network. I think they would be better off spending the time partnering with one of the streaming providers out there like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. I can’t see spending a separate charge for potentially a single show every week.

The best part is the news release barely talks about the show. It almost seems like they’re more fixated on the delivery of the show than the show itself (who’s starring in it, the premise, etc). 🙁


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  1. Don’t worry, if Les ( is involved, the show will blow. 😉

    • Aaron Douglas

      I don’t have high hopes for it because they said in the news release it doesn’t tie to the movie coming out next year and the fact they didn’t say much about it at all. 🙂

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