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Goofing around with the Imagga API

I’ve been goofing around with the Imagga API the past week and have been doing some fun stuff. It can take any image and analyze the colors and the subjects in it. Pretty slick!

Step 1 – Upload a photo


Step 2 – Let the API analyze the photo and come up with tags

“results”: [
“image”: “d487d2521bb4b948b860ce216c434230”,
“tags”: [
“confidence”: 26.336145269655205,
“tag”: “person”
“confidence”: 26.0971845554226,
“tag”: “caucasian”
“confidence”: 23.54227654205335,
“tag”: “adult”
“confidence”: 23.28269886958777,
“tag”: “happy”
“confidence”: 18.875687368248368,
“tag”: “clothing”
“confidence”: 18.155134932273736,
“tag”: “attractive”

Step 3 –┬áLet the API analyze major colors in the photo


Step 4 – Profit!


Death Is Much Like Chronic Pain


Rdio is Shutting Down

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  1. Since you’re messing around with Imagga, you might be interested in Clarifai’s API as well! I like to run Pokemon through the API and see what happens, ha!

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