I have one of the new Apple TVs and I really do enjoy it. Having been a Roku-only house its nice to be able to get to some of the things only in the Apple world. I have AirPlay on my Pioneer receiver but it doesn’t work quite right all the time – but it works great on the Apple TV!

So there is one annoyance I can’t get around easily. I use a Mac miniĀ in my entertainment stand as a server, my DVR (with EyeTV & HDHomeRun tuners), a webcam server (EvoCam) and a weather station data collector. When I watch DVDS and recorded TV through EyeTV I use the “old” Apple remote. The problem? The new Apple TV responds to the infrared from the old remote!

I dug through the settings of the Apple TV and there is no way to turn off IR on it. So until this is fixed I either have to use black electrical tape to cover the receiver or do this:


Physical hack FTW!