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SourceTree – Delete Multiple Branches at One Time

Do you use SourceTree to help manage your Git repos? Ever work on a bunch of pull requests and have a lot of local branches you need to delete? I found a way to delete multiple branches at one time.

  1. Click Repository then click Branch.
  2. Click Delete Branches.
  3. Select the branch(es) you want to delete. Be sure not to select other than Local branches unless that’s your intention.



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  1. If you ever need a similar action in a command line environment, here’s what I use:

    `git branch –merged | grep -v “\*” | xargs -n 1 git branch -d`

    It removes local branches that have been deleted in the remote repository.

  2. awesome! been looking for this for a while! thanks.

  3. Amar

    Very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

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