Streaming Radio vs. Pandora-like Radio

I made an observation today while listening to Digitally Imported‘s Trance channel. There is something intangibly different about listening to a “real” radio channel versus listening to a “radio station” on Pandora. Knowing that others around the area/world are listening and experiencing the same song I am has a bit of magic behind it.

Maybe this is why I don’t like Pandora as much – the music seems to have less life because its automatically selected and not something shared with others.

One thought on “Streaming Radio vs. Pandora-like Radio

  1. dwaycrafts

    I think you have a point. Radio channel brand themselves around DJ’s and host like Melvin Lenzy of The Quiet Storm on WHUR fm and others. It’s is cool knowing other people are sharing the same experience at exactly the same moment.


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