Why I am Switching to Dvorak, again

We have an internal movement at work to have people try out a new keyboard layout like Dvorak or Colemak. Why? I am not really sure other than it is something challenging to take on. I am personally doing it to learn to type with a bit more structure – my QWERTY typing is fast enough but I definitely do not use home row and I feel like it could be better.

One of my coworkers posted a few tips:

  1. Go cold turkey, it’s the only way you’ll stick with it.
  2. OS X has a Dvorak – Qwerty ⌘ option, which keeps keyboard shortcuts in their old Qwerty positions, if that worries you.
  3. Be prepared for something like 6 weeks of low-level frustration at your slow, stubborn fingers. The good news is, you only need to get to about 30 wpm before it feels comfortable enough.
  4. And my personal favourite suggestion, which some will disagree with: Don’t switch your keytops or use a keyboard overlay, it’ll just encourage you to hunt and peck. Learn by touch typing instead of looking down at the keys. OS X has an on-screen keyboard viewer, which will help you keep your eyes on the screen.

Want to learn Dvorak?

One thought on “Why I am Switching to Dvorak, again

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