I’ve taken on a challenge to do 30 days of cardio and weight training exercises. The challenge was put on by Jenny Ford, an avid YouTube home workout producer. So far I’m at day 11 and absolutely loving it!

The challenge consists of a mix of cardio one day and weight training the next day. There are six days of workouts and then one rest day. Generally the sixth day is more laid back doing yoga stretches. The only required equipment for the challenge are hand weights (I have 3lb, 5lb and 8lb weights), a step aerobics board or a surface to step up on, and a balance ball. None of the equipment is really required however – you can adapt any of the exercises to use soup cans for weights or just the floor if you have no board.

My goal for this challenge is not weight loss. I want to commit to six days of working out but really what I’m looking for is familiarity with adding in strength training to my normal workouts. During the winter I primarily only do cardio – step aerobics (to Jenny’s videos) and my treadmill desk. Adding strength training should help me get past my weight plateau I’ve been at for about a year.

Jenny encourages people to post sweaty selfies on Instagram and Facebook, tagging #jennyfordfitness. She takes a very active approach in involving herself over social networks to bring encouragement and a sense of community.

Jenny Ford’s 2016 30 Day Fitness Challenge

In case you didn’t know, moobs are “man boobs.”