Today is one of those days.

What kind of day is that? It’s one where I feel like I completely failed today despite all my best efforts to control my focus and attention. I look back at my notes and I see I ticked off some things but left some completely untouched and forgot about. I know I’m certainly more critical on myself about these things than most. Feeling like a failure ultimately leads me failing so I try to not even get in this mood or direction.

You know what doesn’t help either? Looking out your office window (an unconscious act of sabotage on my focus) and seeing two fine examples of your scatter-brain.


There sits a solar light, gifted to me eighteen months ago, with the tag still affixed to it and a rake used to clean up the yard four months ago. Each task wouldn’t take too much time out of my day to complete. There they all sit for me to stare at and punish myself for not doing.

Instead of spending more time derailing myself I decided to go put the rake away and tag that stupid tag off and publish this post. 🙂