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Vicious Cycles – A Stop Animation Film

My brother recently sent me this video and reminded me how much we thought it was funny as kids. Turns out that film got me interested (for a while) in stop animation. I created a couple hours of stop animation shorts with my friends and brother. Too bad I don’t have that footage any more.

Vicious Cycles was created in 1967 by Chuck Menville. Its production value is simple by today’s standard but it still is hilarious.

[wpvideo BRXRKcmM]



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  1. Aaron, This seems like something that would be awesome to do at the Milwaukee 48 hour Film thing.

  2. Cindy Douglas

    I remember seeing this short a long while back; probably you showing it up here one evening at the kitchen table! Funny piece!!

    Are you referring to that video you did with Aaron Clark, Ricky and David Weggen?? I still think of that on occasion….

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