Sometimes it’s the little things…

I haven’t seen a majority of my coworkers off-camera for 559 days as of today. The mobile teams at Automattic got together in Chicago at the beginning of March 2020, right before the pandemic hit the USA. We continue to do things to help connect people together to accommodate that lack of in-person meetups. It’s not the same, but it helps.

Then yesterday, I got this in the mail.

Photograph of a card and envelope I got with a canceled stamp. The card reads "We're thinking of you. Thanks for being a part of Automattic!". There's a smiley face on it as well.

It’s funny how sometimes the small gestures can have the biggest impact. I know I’m not alone. Getting this small physical item does help ground my mind a bit to realize I work with other humans, not just Zoom participants. 🙃

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