I’ve noticed that when I’ve achieved a free drink at Starbucks, I tend to add on things I normally wouldn’t.  Sometimes the baristas like to make a special comment about it as well which makes me feel guilty about ordering literally “anything I want.”

You know what, f**k that.

I’ve purchased 12 drinks to get one free.  It’s one of the reasons I continue to patronize Starbucks because I feel like that 12th drink is nice to get.  I don’t go very often any more so when I do get the free one, I like to take advantage of their offer.  Hell, I’ve dropped probably $60 by then!

This past Friday I ordered a Venti Soy Green Tea Frappucino with Protein Powder.  I’ve ordered this before and like the consistency having both the soy and protein powder.  I get to the window to pay and I mention I have a free drink coming.  Before I can hand my phone over the barista makes a snarky comment:

Oh well that makes sense why you added all those extras on!

Immediately I tell him that the order isn’t that unusual for me.  His reply?

Wow that’s a really expensive drink.

No shit, Sherlock.  I tell him something like that’s why I don’t come to Starbucks often anymore.  I get my drink and go on my way.

As I’m driving home I realize his attempt at humorous banter was a complete fail and ended up making the customer feel uncomfortable.  I’ve recalled similar situations before when I get my free drink.  What the f**k do they expect that I’m going to get a tall drip coffee for my freebie?  If I ordered 20 espresso shots in a Venti cup, by all means point me out and call me a bitch in front of everyone.

That’s my rant.  Scan my damn phone, be polite and give me my goddamn free drink.