Plenty of Roadies out there (road bike enthusiasts) are anti a lot of things – bells, kickstands, racks, etc. When I bought a Crossrip 2 cyclocross bike from Trek I decided I’d accept no kickstand. It annoys the hell out of me and I’m looking for other options like a Click-Stand to prop the bike up when I’m parking it. The one safety item I really needed but hated the look of was a bell.

Why are bells important? On trails when you’re passing someone yelling “on your left!” mostly works. It doesn’t help when a runner has loud headphones on (something I think it incredibly unsafe) and you need to announce your passing. On my hybrid bike I had a mini Incredibell which worked well. On my Crossrip that sized bell just looked really weird. I found a bell that’s functionally awesome and visually hidden. Can you find it?


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