I committed an act of such shame that I have a hard time even talking about.


Okay it wasn’t that horrible and I knew this was going to happen eventually – just not on day two. I scratched the display of my Apple Watch Sport edition.

Apple Watch Sport in Green with a scratch in the displayI thought I was babying the thing. I was taking it off when I knew it could get damaged but somehow I managed to still scratch it. I called Apple and talked to a super nice tech on the AppleCare team. I e-mailed him photos and he forwarded them onto engineering. I got a call back and was simply told, it’s cosmetic damage.

I know it’s cosmetic. But really, should a $400+ watch scratch this easily? I have watches costing in the $10-$30 range with scratches much less visible than this and some with no damage. I’d expect the glass to withstand at least a brushing against a non-diamond-encrusted surface.

I guess Apple has other expectations on the durability of their glass.