Tater Tots Through Time

Every year at the Automattic Grand Meetup the entire company gets together in one place for a little over a week to work and have fun. Part of that meetup requires everyone to give a four minute flash talk on any subject. This year my coworker Carolyn Sonnek and I decided to team up on our flash talk.

Carolyn and I are Tater Tot experts. EXPERTS. We dug deep and found some interesting facts on Tater Tots and even a conspiracy!

Things With Wheels Flash Talk

Every year at Automattic we get together at what we call the Grand Meetup. Everyone is expected to give a four minute flash talk on any subject – literally any subject. Last year I described a funny story about a boss stealing my iPhone. This year I combined another funny story with some personal philosophies.

Last summer I posted about how Things With Wheels Are Meant To Move and that paired well with my tweets about my philosophy on systems. This flash talk is an amalgamation of those two posts.



I love the word “stabby”.  It typically means, if you’re feeling stabby, that you would like to stab someone or something because of your current emotional state.  Stabby can also describe the state of a thing – like “pairing bluetooth headsets is stabby” because it’s a pain in the ass.

I’ve tried to pass around the Theory of Stabby to my coworkers at previous jobs and at Automattic.  It’s definitely been a successful campaign because we managed to get a stabby emoticon added to our chat system, Slack.


I’ve started a website you can easily share with coworkers, family and friends when you’re feeling particularly stabby.  It’s also mobile-friendly so you can text someone the URL and be done.


I expect Stabby Today to evolve over time.  I will accept feature requests.