Who are you?

My name is Aaron Douglas and I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States. I’m in my 40s and have been a geek my entire life. MY ENTIRE LIFE. I’ve been with my partner for way over half of it so he knows all about the geek in me.

I love learning new things, and that will never stop. It’s my goal to always know how something works.

What’s this place all about?

As go through life as a software developer, photographer, geek, consultant, meditator, dog lover, spoon bender I inevitably come across information that I do not want to forget. This site is my scratch pad. If I have to work through something to come up with a solution I figured why not put it out on the Internet for other people to find in case they want to use it too.

What does Dangling Pointer mean?

It’s a computer science term. In any programming language where you have pointers to places in memory, you have the ability to do bad things if you don’t know any better. One of those is a dangling pointer where the memory the pointer referenced was deallocated but another pointer hung around to that reference. That second pointer now references who knows what.

The point of the name change of my blog to this is simply a play on words. I forget about stuff that’s important, so this blog handles my deallocation of memory. No more dangling pointers. 🙂

Astralbodies? Huh?

Astralbodies has a lot of meanings. I chose the name because it references a “subtle body” that a lot of religions speak of. The astral body is the body between your physical body and your soul. I liked the reference to that because I feel like my online knowledge is a sort of an astral body, not really existing but you can feel its presence.

It’s also a reference to astronomy and an astral body being a star, a galaxy, or something else we can’t yet imagine.

Questions / Comments?

If you questions or comments, feel free to send me a note on a blog post.