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Tater Tots Through Time

Every year at the Automattic Grand Meetup the entire company gets together in one place for a little over a week to work and have fun. Part of that meetup requires everyone to give a four minute flash talk on any subject. This year my coworker Carolyn Sonnek and I decided to team up on our flash talk.

Carolyn and I are Tater Tot experts. EXPERTS. We dug deep and found some interesting facts on Tater Tots and even a conspiracy!

Tater Tot Waffles

So this happened this morning:



My secret? Thaw the tots in the microwave first but don’t get them too hot. Line up the tots on the waffle iron. Any tots that got too hot the microwave will be breaking apart – sprinkle those over the rest to cement them together. Close the iron and squeeze it until the form takes. It took a while for the moisture to cook out of the tots – probably 5 minutes or more.

Garnish with salt, maple syrup or ketchup and you’re golden!

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