Sh*t my brain says and forgets about


Apparently I ❤ Swag

Me wearing a ton of Automattic and WordPress swag

Another day, another set of iTunes Connect errors

Xcode error that states "This action could not be completed. Try again. Error -22421"

Live For Something

One of my favorite shots taken in Park City, Utah during a bike ride.

Spray paint graffiti stating Live for Something

Leaky water filter

A new water filter arrived today. I don’t think I’ll try installing it.

Quite possibly the worst candy ever

Candy Pumpkins. Barf.

Happy Hauntings!


Core Data by Tutorials

It is very surreal to see your name on a printed book.




UPS is delivering my iPhone 6 Plus today.
UPS Sign

How to Make Me Instantly Unsubscribe

This is a pretty definite way of making me unsubscribe from your marketing emails.


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