Domain-Driven Design

In my Thursday night graduate class, Enterprise Data Modeling, we’re working through Eric Evans’ book, Domain-Drive Design.  The book is taking us through the concept of designing an application based on the domain, or business use, rather than through UML and directly with objects.  So far, it’s pretty dry but the concepts are very clear and relative to my world.

I’m only on chapter 3 but already the concept of a ubiquitous language is a solidification of what I’ve tried to do since the beginning of my career with computers.  I’ve always known, maybe not so consciously, that business users and developers typically live on different levels.  In the past, I’ve been the one the users come to for help because I don’t throw up the typical IT wall in front of them.  This book explains why developers suck at obtaining requirements and why end users don’t give two shits about developers.  Developing a vocabulary and language that BOTH parties can speak about a domain is key.

I still don’t see how exactly it’s going to be accomplished without a lot of difficulty.  I’m assuming I’ll be more enlightened by the end of this class.  I’m hoping this blog can be more of a help with digesting this information.  We shall see.  More later.

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