I’m currently using Scrum in my school capstone project.  The advisor, however, designed the deliverables around the Unified Process and still expects some things like a Software Project Management Plan (SPMP).  While it’s a little late in the game, I’ve decided to fill one out and hope that maybe it’ll help weed out some requirements I didn’t document well in my backlogs.

First task – find a template.  An SPMP is usually based off of IEEE’s standard 1058-1998, which costs more than a hundred dollars to get a copy of.  I’m not paying $100+ to get a 200KB document.  I’ve seen example around the Internet of a SPMP but nothing that was formatted well in Word or handled copying and pasting into Word.  I spent some time doing more digging and found this wonderful site –

Construx – Resources & Tools

The site/company was founded by Steve McConnell – a name I had not heard of until now.  He’s apparently well known for software design, etc.  Free registration gives you access to the tools and under Management there is a full and light template along with instructions.  Score!