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iPhone Migraine Diary

I may have mentioned it before, but I created a Migraine Diary application for the iPhone as my master’s captone/thesis project.  The school year finished out for me and I submitted the application to Apple on the 29th.  Two days – TWO DAYS – later they approved it and it’s listed in iTunes!

Head on over to Net Workz LLC to find the app.

I still have a lot of work left to do before I’m really happy with it.  Help screens, more graphing, and encryption are two things I really need to get out there.  Until then, enjoy!


Xcode WTF are you doing?!


Spring 3.0 + Hibernate 3.3.2 + JBoss Cache 2 + JTA = Fail


  1. Tereza

    Hello, I really would like to have this application running on my phone, but unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone but a Nokia 5800. Do you have any intention to make the application available also to symbian s60?
    Thank you.

    • Astralbodies

      Hi Tereza – I haven’t looked into how to develop mobile apps for Symbian OS but it is a possibility. Doing this in my free time limits how much effort I can actually put forth learning new operating systems/languages so it probably won’t be in the short term!

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