There has been quite a bit of press about the upcoming Verizon / CDMA iPhone.  I’m happy to hear that AT&T will finally lose the monopoly on the iPhone in the United States, but I’m disappointed that nothing has come out yet about T-Mobile carrying the GMS version of the phone.  AT&T needs the competition to spread out the massive amount of users onto another network because frankly, they can’t handle the amount of growth they’ve experienced.  The iPhone is a great device, and I’ve had nothing but a positive experience for the most part with AT&T.

I’ll probably never switch from AT&T over to Verizon for the simple fact that GSM provides SIM cards, whereas CDMA does not.  I like having the option available to me to swap my SIM into a different device, like when I go camping, so that I don’t risk damaging the $400+ device when I don’t need to.  Of course, the iPhone 4’s micro-SIM provides its own unique challenges, but a simple physical adapter allows it to be used in an older traditional SIM card holder.

CDMA phones, at least in the USA, require the phone provider to activate each device and you cannot swap on a whim.  Most people could care less.  I on the other hand like being able to switch around equipment when needed, and not having to pay the provider to do it.