Dark & Stormy Cocktail

Ever since I visited House of Shields downtown San Francisco, the cocktail called a Dark & Stormy has been one of my favorites.  HoS makes their own variation of it, one part using a ginger syrup that they make themselves.  I ended up finding a decent combination of ingredients locally that I prefer from HoS’ recipe.  Most Dark & Stormy recipes will indicate to use Gosling’s Black Seal rum which can be hard to obtain.  Gosling’s also makes a ginger beer which is the staple used in a Dark & Stormy.  I found a zippier ginger beer and a tasty alternative to Black Seal.

Aaron’s Dark & Stormy

Roughly 205cal per serving

There are technically formal methods to make the Dark & Stormy.  At House of Shields they have all the fancy bar equipment and hand tools.  I just dump all the ingredients on top of the ice in the pint glass and then stir with a straw.



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