It’s grilling season again (finally) here in Wisconsin.  I got my Range iOS-enabled thermometer over the winter season and only used it once with a ham.  I used it today with grilling burgers, brats and steak and really enjoyed it.

Range Thermometer

The Range thermometer is really fast at responding to temperature change.  The problem I always have with even the best analog thermometers is that once they reach a high temperature, it’s hard to test temperature of meat that may be a little bit colder.  I can move the Range thermometer around from each thing on the grill and not have to wait for it to reset.

The Range also has a great feature that isn’t well documented.  On the silicone cord there is a ring magnet that helps keep the cord under control when you want to close the lid to your oven or grill.  It’s fantastic because the ring is a little bigger than the cord so it can move freely through it.

The application Range built is fairly basic but extremely useful.  There is also a developer SDK available for anyone that wants to write their own apps to work with the Range.  It’s definitely worth the money!