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iPhone 6 Plus Screen Backlight Issue

I’ve noticed an issue I’ve been having with my iPhone 6 Plus a couple weeks ago. After the phone has been in my pocket for an indeterminate amount of time, I would randomly be unable to light the screen back up. The phone would come out of sleep, I could swipe to unlock (or use Voice Over) and I could see the backlight come on. The problem was the screen itself was just black – nothing to show. Rebooting sometimes fixed this. It was especially annoying when trying to board a plane and then being unable to bring up the boarding pass.

I noticed this week that I could produce a similar behavior more regularly. I needed something I could reliably reproduce before bringing it into an Apple Store. Here it is:

[wpvideo DQmniYFQ]

Hopefully they can repair or replace the device. I made the mistake of going with a regional carrier (US Cellular) and in the past I heard you had to arrange repair through the carrier. I’m hoping its just a screen replacement and they can do it in-store.


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  1. Dan

    Woah, that’s a cool bug 🙂

  2. I was just in the Apple store with a screen dimming/backlight issue kind of similar to this one and they swapped out my phone immediately with no fuss. YMMV

    Are you anti-US Cellular now?

    • Aaron Douglas

      We’ll see – if I can get a repair or replacement at the Apple Store then I’ll have less hate for US Cellular. Their coverage is excellent in the areas I really need it to work. Roaming is hit or miss and their home network area is rather small.

      If I have to get the phone replaced through US Cellular I’m going to cry.

    • Aaron Douglas

      Apple replaced it no questions asked. US Cellular had to swap the IMEI number which I did at the store two minutes away walking. This was actually a positive experience!

  3. anton

    hey man thats not a backlight failure. it is a display failure. when you press on it, the flex is moving a very very little bit and losing connection with the crystal and image is fainting away since it lost the data sync. trust me i saw that many times on many iphones i have repaired. it should be definitely replaced by apple

    • Aaron Douglas

      Yeah I realized it wasn’t a backlight issue as I was writing the post but forgot to change the title. Thanks!!

    • Aaron Douglas

      Apple swapped it no questions asked after I showed them the problem.

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