iPhone 6 Plus Screen Backlight Issue

I’ve noticed an issue I’ve been having with my iPhone 6 Plus a couple weeks ago. After the phone has been in my pocket for an indeterminate amount of time, I would randomly be unable to light the screen back up. The phone would come out of sleep, I could swipe to unlock (or use Voice Over) and I could see the backlight come on. The problem was the screen itself was just black – nothing to show. Rebooting sometimes fixed this. It was especially annoying when trying to board a plane and then being unable to bring up the boarding pass.

I noticed this week that I could produce a similar behavior more regularly. I needed something I could reliably reproduce before bringing it into an Apple Store. Here it is:

Hopefully they can repair or replace the device. I made the mistake of going with a regional carrier (US Cellular) and in the past I heard you had to arrange repair through the carrier. I’m hoping its just a screen replacement and they can do it in-store.

7 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Plus Screen Backlight Issue

    1. Aaron Douglas

      We’ll see – if I can get a repair or replacement at the Apple Store then I’ll have less hate for US Cellular. Their coverage is excellent in the areas I really need it to work. Roaming is hit or miss and their home network area is rather small.

      If I have to get the phone replaced through US Cellular I’m going to cry.


    2. Aaron Douglas

      Apple replaced it no questions asked. US Cellular had to swap the IMEI number which I did at the store two minutes away walking. This was actually a positive experience!


  1. anton

    hey man thats not a backlight failure. it is a display failure. when you press on it, the flex is moving a very very little bit and losing connection with the crystal and image is fainting away since it lost the data sync. trust me i saw that many times on many iphones i have repaired. it should be definitely replaced by apple

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