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Apple Photos littered with Apple Watch screenshots

I’ve noticed that ever since I got my Apple Watch that my photo stream has been filled with seemingly random screenshots of my watch face. It’s easy to take a screenshot – simple hit the digital crown and the side button at the same time. So why the heck am I always causing these screenshots?


Today I finally discovered the root of the issue. When I’m on a video call at my standing desk I typically put my hands in my pockets to force myself to focus on the people talking. I get seriously distracted if I don’t do this. Turns out that’s the exact reason for all of the photos.


The edge of my pocket is hitting both buttons at the same time. Derrrrp!


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  1. That’s hilarious. Reminds me of how I finally figured out why I was taking so many crotch shots with my new-at-the-time camera. Turns out it has a touch-screen display that’s on by default. As soon as I figured out how to turn it off, my crotch got a lot less screen time!

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