Sh*t my brain says and forgets about

Committing to a no-commit Saturday

I wasn’t trying to accomplish this but it looks like I don’t commit code on Saturdays all that often. I like it.

screenshot of my GitHub profile showing a visualization of commit history with barely any activity on Saturday

I am a geek through and through but even I need days to switch gears. Always doing the same thing all the time gets old. Saturdays are usually filled with non-tech things like knitting, visiting with family and friends, bike rides and a ton of camping in the summer. 🙂


Reminder to Self


I Nearly Passed Out Today


  1. These days I usually don’t even touch the computer on the weekends 🙂

  2. The fact that it happened naturally, not by training yourself to do so, is especially impressive.

  3. yup.

    I really wish GitHub had workday streaks. Having to work the weekends to maintain a streak seems like a bad time.

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