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My Favorite Screenshot Tool – SnagIt

I’ve been using Techsmith’s SnagIt for years for taking screenshots. It started as a Windows-only product but then a Mac version came out. It’s extremely simple to use and has most everything I want for a quick image including cropping, border effects, transparency, and annotations like arrows and text.

What’s your favorite screenshot and annotation tool?


The lonely little cottage


That stupid awful term – Cyber Monday


  1. Skitch

  2. cjibo

    Skitch. Been using it on mobile as well.

  3. Snagit is my favourite too 🙂

  4. My favorite is currently Droplr for the feature that I know stuff will be destroyed after a certain time unless I specifically want to keep it. I’m on the Lite plan, which doesn’t cost a lot. It’s a monthly subscription, but I think it’s worth it over paying a one-time fee and then having to pay again for upgrading to the next versions.

  5. I also used Snagit on Windows, but I love Skitch 🙂

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