How to take a (proper) selfie

A majority of the selfies I see being taken are usually taken wrong. Well, let me clarify – most selfies should never be taken. The remaining ones are taken incorrectly because people tend to look at the camera wrong. What do I mean? Take a look:

Looking at screen
Looking at the screen

In this example I’m looking at the screen when taking the picture. It feels the most natural since I’m looking at myself and then the picture snaps my eyes looking downward. Now look at the picture when I look at the actual camera lens:

Looking at camera
Looking at the camera

Much better, right? Next time you’re taking a selfie make sure you tell yourself and whomever else is in the frame to look at the camera lens, not the screen!

iPhone 6s
Camera on an iPhone 6s

If you’re not using an iPhone you’ll want to dig into the specs for your phone to determine which sensor is the camera. You can also just put your finger over each of the sensors while the camera app is running to figure out which one is the camera.

When you’re using a selfie stick the aiming of the eyes is less important.

Don’t use a selfie stick.

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