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Every Good Manager Will…

This week Michael Lopp (VP Engineering @ Slack) posted a summary of Tweets responding to the question “Regardless of seniority every good manager will…”.

I took that list and tried to correlate the responses into several buckets. I used Trello to visualize this.


I came up with five buckets:

  1. Compassion/Empathy – Feel like a human and realize others feel too.
  2. Give/Take Feedback – Listen to others, tell them what’s going right & wrong, and do the same for yourself.
  3. Filter/Map/Reduce – Take in the world above and turn it into smaller things that are important for your people to know.
  4. Unblock – Don’t be an obstacle for your people to succeed – and help remove obstacles from their paths.
  5. Trust – Everyone is an adult and was hired for a reason – trust them in their decisions and make sure to gain your people’s trust.

Software I Use Every Day

In the spirit of yesterday’s post, I’m going to list out what I use every day in terms of software.  This isn’t exhaustive but it’s pretty darn close.

General Utilities

  • 1Password – Probably the best password manager out there combined with mobile apps
  • Cloudup – quick way to share images, videos, text (ask me for a referral code)
  • Coffitivity – coffeehouse sounds to help boost productivity
  • Cyberduck – SFTP client
  • DaisyDisk – finding where all my space has gone
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote – where I keep my larger notes, graphics, PDF files
  • Parallels Desktop – for the occasional booting of old Mac OS & Windows VMs
  • Radium – menu bar radio streaming
  • Rdio – monthly subscription-based song streaming
  • RescueTime – track my app usage to determine if I’m distracted
  • Simplenote – for my quick note taking needs
  • Skype – sadly yes
  • Slack – communication for our team – web socket-based system like HipChat but better


Development – General

  • Base – for digging around SQLite files; especially handy debugging Core Data
  • Charles – proxying application for testing remote calls
  • HockeyApp – binary distribution for testing
  • Kaleidoscope – arguably the most beautiful diff tool – ignore whitespace is still not a feature 🙁
  • PHPStorm – for when I have to get into WordPress and API coding
  • TextMate – Still my favorite text editor
  • Textual – Mac IRC client

Development – iOS

  • AppCode – alternative IDE for Objective-C – I switch between Xcode and here for specific reasons (future post?)
  • iExplorer – could not live without the ability to dig around device filesystems
  • PaintCode – easiest way to get Core Graphics code from images or hand-drawn UI elements
  • Reflector – transmit your iOS device screen to your computer for recording
  • Spark Inspector – interactively debug your UIView layers & NSNotificationCenter calls
  • Xcode
  • xScope – helpful UI tools for your Mac

Development – Android

  • Android Studio
  • Genymotion – Android VM manager – lurv

Installed Apps

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