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The Porch Project Completed

Our back porch is our favorite place to hang out when the weather is nice during the year. It is screened in and we put wood frames with plastic in them up during the winter to keep it warmer inside and to prevent snow from getting in. Part of the problem is when its warm out and raining – the water comes right inside because the plastic isn’t up.

Our solution was to replace the screens with a multi-track window system. The windows are made of vinyl instead of glass so they’re super lightweight but very durable.



It only took our carpenter a day to tear down and reframe the porch. We had to wait until a week or so after the initial install to get everything buttoned up with white aluminum for warmer weather. The finished product is really nice looking and super convenient to use!



In spring we’ll work on finishing the inside including putting an electrical outlet or two in.

View the complete album on Flickr:

Mounting Wires Under a Standing Desk

I purchased an UpDesk PowerUp Series I (original) last year and love it.  I got the standard maple-colored desk top and am very happy with the density of the wood, quality laminate and curved front edge.  The one thing I was not very satisfied with was the mounting option given for the clasps keeping the wiring under it from hanging.  I was given a good amount of these self-adhesive twist plastic cable ties:


Simple yet effective solution, right?  Yes but only if the adhesive pad would stick longer than a couple of days to the underside of the desk.  The adhesive was hit or miss on the surface.  I searched around for solutions that were permanent but not so much that if I wanted to move wires or add additional ones it would require unscrewing something.  I ended up finding these gems at Home Depot:



They have an adhesive backing to them and an optional screw hole for which I bought 1/2″ #8 wood screws.  Works like a charm.  You then take any old zip tie and feed it through and tie your cords up.


So now I have the wires under the table all neatly attached.  I no longer have to worry about finding plastic ties fallen off the table and sticking to my hardwood floor.

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