I purchased an UpDesk PowerUp Series I (original) last year and love it.  I got the standard maple-colored desk top and am very happy with the density of the wood, quality laminate and curved front edge.  The one thing I was not very satisfied with was the mounting option given for the clasps keeping the wiring under it from hanging.  I was given a good amount of these self-adhesive twist plastic cable ties:


Simple yet effective solution, right?  Yes but only if the adhesive pad would stick longer than a couple of days to the underside of the desk.  The adhesive was hit or miss on the surface.  I searched around for solutions that were permanent but not so much that if I wanted to move wires or add additional ones it would require unscrewing something.  I ended up finding these gems at Home Depot:


Source: HomeDepot.com

They have an adhesive backing to them and an optional screw hole for which I bought 1/2″ #8 wood screws.  Works like a charm.  You then take any old zip tie and feed it through and tie your cords up.


So now I have the wires under the table all neatly attached.  I no longer have to worry about finding plastic ties fallen off the table and sticking to my hardwood floor.