Sh*t my brain says and forgets about


Those aren’t grey hairs, it’s beard tinsel!

I made an observation today while listening to Digitally Imported‘s Trance channel. There is something intangibly different about listening to a “real” radio channel versus listening to a “radio station” on Pandora. Knowing that others around the area/world are listening and experiencing the same song I am has a bit of magic behind it.

Maybe this is why I don’t like Pandora as much – the music seems to have less life because its automatically selected and not something shared with others.

Breathe in, breathe out.

I got this from Cards Against Humanity today – they accidentally messed up my order and had to apologize in their own style.

Dear valued Cards Against Humanity customer,

We fucked up.

Your order is on its way, but we had a warehousing issue. If you ordered a 2014 Holiday Pack, you’ll receive a Science Pack. If you ordered a Science Pack, you’ll receive a 2014 Holiday Pack. Oops!

We’re really sorry about this, but we’re going to make it right and send you what you actually ordered within the next week. Feel free to keep the extra pack, or gift it to a crappy friend. We understand if you’ve completely lost all faith in us.

Sorry again,

– Jenn and the Cards Against Humanity team


I’m making  a pledge as a software developer to think of accessibility with every change I make.  My first step was to turn on iOS’ VoiceOver and test everything I’m working on with it.  In the first five minutes of using it, I’ve discovered so many necessary improvements to make the app even useful for someone who has trouble seeing.  There are many more accessibility tools than VoiceOver (like Dynamic Type) that should also be on your list to try.  Baby steps.

Developers: Spend some time with your apps without your eyes.  It’s not fair to place limits on sight-impaired people because you’re lazy.

I’m going to stop being lazy.

I’ve moved my blog over to from my self-hosted server.  I had to change the domain name to because my old WordPress site had a funky permalink structure to match how my post links were with Octopress.  So, for now, will redirect to and maintain any links over to the posts.  Please let me know if you see any weird glitches, missing text, etc.

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